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Episode 24: Falling for him was the least I could think of.

Episode 24: Falling for him was the least I could think of.

***Never beg people to stay against their will. Sometimes the gift of good bye opens another door for you. Move on, and create the next chapter of your life. ***😏

******☺****** **** ☺*****

****CHIOMA’S POV********

"CHAMPAIGN! CHAMPAIGN! CHAMPAIGN!" I screamed loud enough for him to hear me.

Champaign’s apartment was so huge and was at the end right side of the mansion. I swear, one can loose some few pounds walking from side to side in this mansion.

Outside we needed cart to take us from one point to another. He got them with drivers all round.

I was exhausted by the time I got in front of his apartment.

My heart was racing and my mind getting crazy just thinking of what that stupid boy called Champaign said.

I knew he did not have the balls to do what he just said. Don’t ask me how I know. I just knew it. He was always running away when it comes to confront me one on one. But today he was going to hear two words from me.

"CHAMPAIGN! CHAMPAIGN! CHAMPAIGN!" I screamed for the second time.

Of course he had a bodyguard standing at his doors but who cares? R.G could not do anything to me. R.G was Champaign’s personal bodyguard. He was looking at me going crazy.

At this stage, I could careless of whoever was supposed to stand trying to stop me or whatever.

I needed to talk to Champaign. I was not going to accept to be auctioned off just like that.

No way!

I started banging on the doors believing Champaign will hear me and stop whatever he was doing in there to come and open these huge doors.

Before I knew it, Champaign bodyguard took me up from the floor.

"Chill ma’am... He is busy. Don’t you know that? He gave some instructions... nobody should disturb him... Not even you." He said with a concern tone.

He knew his boss instructed him some days ago to be kind with me only. Since then he was talking to me with respect. If not, he would have done something very hurtful to my body.

“Don’t touch me and put me down. How dare you try to stop me? I want to see your BOSS. And don’t dare stop me." I said pushing is hard chest after he dropped me a little far from the door.

He did not even move. He was so big. He just smirked at me. At the same time the doors open to an angry Cleopatra.

"What the hell is going on here R.." she stop mid sentence when she saw me. She was just dressed in her underwear.

Nothing else.

"Why you’re paid for? If not to take care of strangers who try to disturb Boss peace." She said yelling at R.G

That’s Cleopatra. She is so dramatic. I turned round RG to go straight to the doors. She wanted to close them but I was faster and pushed her hard making one of the door bang the wall.

Cleopatra fell down and started screaming. I rolled my eyes at her as R.G came to help her stand.

He looked at me making sign with his head allowing me to go in while doing an ugly face mocking Cleopatra. She was too busy robbing her back and bottom she did not noticed. I walked inside as if I owned the place.

"CHAMPAIGN!! CHAMPAIGN!!" I yelled as I reach the small parlour in his apart.
“I know you’re in there.... Listen to me.... you have to take your word back.... I can’t be auctioned off." I said as I finally got into his room.

He was backing me; Serving himself a glass of Hennessey.

He was nacked. This clearly explained what he was doing here with that ashawo Cleopatra.

"Says who?" He said turning back to face me.

"Oh my.... Gees" I low-key said as I looked at his nacked body. For sure this man was packed. His body was sculptured like a Greek god.

I trailed my eyes from his eyes down to his lower part. My eyes then went stoked on that part.

"Champaign. This bitch is getting on my nerves" Cleopatra said snapping me out of my bad thoughts.

My eyes went back to Champaign face. He smirked still looking at me after sipping his drink. Cleopatra went close to him and started caressing his chest. She wanted to show me who he belongs to.

Who cares?

"Seriously?!..." I low key said crossing my arms and shifting all my weight on my right leg.

"Get out my place" he said with a stern voice still looking at me. He did not pay attention to her.

"Didn’t you hear him? Are you dumb?" She spat at me.

“Cleopatra.... I won’t repeat my words. You know I hate repeating myself... so leave now in case you didn’t know I was referring to you..." he spoke harshly to her. He glanced at her then turn his eyes back to me. He was staring at me with lust.

Meeehnnn this man is fine oooo geees. Which kind kidnapper him be o?

God have mercy on me. I said to myself.

"You’re kidding right?" Cleopatra spat. "No. No. No. Don’t tell me you are fucking serious!!!!! “Cleopatra chuckled.

When she noticed Champaign was not saying anything, she started taking her cloths that were on the floor. After picking all her belonging, she went close to him and wanted to kiss him on his lips.

"Don’t even thing you’ll kiss me after sucking my d**k!" He spat.

She stopped then turned back to me glaring. "You’ve crossed the line and imma make sure you pay for your mess. Believe me, I am good at it" she said. Her face was distorted with rage.

I was feeling bad for her. I am just a lady like her and I won’t like my boyfriend to treat me the way Champaign is doing to her right now.

That was so bad. I could see her eyes filled with tears but she refused to let them drop.

Acting strong till the core that was Cleopatra for you too.

"I know you’re still coming back to me. You’ve been changing them hoes like your pants. I am the only one faithful to you. I will wait for that time to come...." she stated.

"As from tomorrow you will be changing your apartment. You’ll now be at the zone B side of my mansion. All your cloths will be moved there as well. You won’t be my main bitch anymore. That is taking effect as from now." Champaign said.

Cleopatra immediately turned facing Champaign.

"Oh no no no C... don’t tell me it has reach this level because of this bitch? You are just feeling this way because she has been rejecting you... please don’t do that C... please... not this time around...." she said while sniffing.

“You better leave now before I do something you won’t forget for the rest of your life..."

All that moment he was talking to Cleopatra, his eyes did not leave mine. He was contemplating my body. If he could, I would have been undressed only by him looking at me.

After Champagne said his last words, Cleopatra left and this time around she was crying. She is not my best friend but I was feeling for her. I pitied her.

Few minutes went before one of us started talking. I was shifting my weight from one leg to another leg. Butterflies started acting crazy in my stomach.

I was getting uncomfortable. Me that was making mouth about coming to tell him that i won’t go for his next unction. I got confused.

Seriously speaking he was intimidating me.

"So what were you asking before we got interrupted?" Champaign started saying as he was walking towards me.

" Euhh.. You can’t do that?" I sternly said. He was now coming close to me.

"Doing what?" He asked smirking.

My eyes kept going from his eyes to his lower part. Seriously speaking, Champagne was not looking bad at all. He was still sipping his Hennessey and kept smirking at me. He was looking at me like a Lion that was ready to jump on his female does.

"Somebody losing her voice or something..." he chuckled.

"We can’t talk like this. Go get dress first." I ordered.

"What?" He questioned.

"You better get dressed now before we can talk cause we need to seriously talk" I told him looking straight in his eyes without blinking.

He stared at me in confusion then went to his closet to put on white shorts.

"Coming to my apartment causing trouble and making noise and now giving me instructions.... grrr" Champaign mumbled.

"Satisfied?!!" He asked when he came back and stood in front of me. "Now what were you saying?" He asked with his arms crossed on his chest.

"Champagne, you can’t just be acting like this. You need to take back your words. I can’t be auctioned off. No way! Your word came forth out of anger. But you know better than me that your brother is a mess. And I can’t take it when someone wants to disrespect me." I ranted.

"Hm... Fine!" He simply said dropping the glass he had on the table.

"What?!!" That was too easy😞.

"You know I don’t repeat myself." He shrugged.

"Just like that?" I wanted to hear more from him.

"Ladies never satisfied. You’re all the same." He said now stepping in my personal space. "I said FINE ... but with one condition.... that I get what I want from you...and NOW" He semi yelled the last word.

I was moving back as he was walking closer to me until my back knocked the wall. I was trapped. Champaign put his two hands both side close to my face. I could not move. I could not escape from his trap.

He was shirtless. He was sexy and charming. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen him shirtless (trust me in this mansion, they force you to be used to half naked bodies walking around up and down) I was always tempted to touch. His body was to die for. I pushed him with my right hand and fine myself caressing him in a way.

"Someone’s horny I guess... a virgin bitch..." He chuckled making a move.

How did he know I was virgin? I asked myself. He must have probably guessed.

"It better be the last time you refer to me as a bitch.... No way Champ..." He cut me off kissing me while holding my face with his hands. I turned my face with force to one side. Sliding down the wall to escape him.

I thought I was ...

"You can’t be coming... COM ACK IER" He yelled grabbing my arms dragging me close to him. "You’re a big Meany head. Do you know that?" He lowly said in my ear.

My mind raced miles at the feeling of his soft breath caressing my neck. The things my body will do in front of Champaign were just to betray me.

I came back to my senses and started fighting him with all the strength I could gather. But you will agree with me that my attempt didn’t move him.

"Chill this fucking attitude of yours out... you think you can come here acting like a goddess .... Stopping me for having my fucking head time... talk to me like a shit and just get-out..." he lifted me up without stress and put me on his shoulder.

He was saying each word with a slap on my bottom.

Seriously it was painful. I won’t lie at that. I did all I could to hurt him back punching him on his back.

"Leave me alone! I want you to leave me alone! I am not those dumbass bitch ashawo girls that are seeing you like a king." I shouted.

"Shut the fuck up. You’re nothing more or less than them bitch... you’re mine as well as they are.... you belong to me and I have the right in this mansion to do whatever I am pleased to do with you." He boasted.

He roughly dropped me off of his shoulder to his king size bed. I immediately shifted back trying to move far from him reaching the bed head side as if my life depended on it.

He stared at me as if he wanted to read into my soul.

He came on his king size bed, took my legs and pulled me to his level.

"I will knock some senses into your virgin body so you go no who be the master in this mansion." He said. Took a remote control to deem the lights then played Let’s get it on of Marvin Gaye.

I've been really tryin', baby
Tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long
And if you feel like I feel, baby
Then, c'mon, oh, c'mon
Let's get it on
Ah, baby, let's get it on
Let's love, baby
Let's get it on, sugar
Let's get it on
We're all sensitive people
With so much to give
Understand me, sugar
Since we've got to be here
Let's live
I love you
There's nothing wrong with me
Loving you, baby no no
And giving yourself to me can never be wrong…

Never in my little life I could think of losing my pinkie pie this way. I have always dreamt of the perfect guy taking me to a diner with candles. Then heading to a 5 stars luxurious hotel in a suite room apartment.

It could not have been better.
God take control please.

*********** CLEOPATRA’S POV ************

I have been his main for the past 14 months now and since I have been here, it is the first time he will treat me the way he did few minutes ago.

At times he will go with another bitch just for few hours. He put a girl some months ago as his main but that was because I was sent out of the country to fish some fresh pussycats. When I came back, the girl wanted to act stupid but I dwelled with her and seriously.

Nobody can mess with my man.... or let me say could because now have a very bad feeling about Chioma. She acting pass her limit.

Who is that girl? Who is Chioma? A girl cannot just make Champaign lose control the way he is doing. I needed to find out.

............. FLASHBACK.............. in bold letters and italic.

25th of December .... 02 years ago.

Python stopped his car at one of the toll parking. He turned off the ignition and instructed me to come down out his car. I followed him closely behind as we were heading to the new night club in town named BLUZ HIGH.

“I still don’t understand why you came to park your car this far?” I asked Python because I was wearing high heels and did not want to walk down the road to the club. We were in NYC.

“Before we get to the club let me just holla at Cidji” python said.

Cidji was parked 100m far from the place we were at. I knew who he was but have never messed with him. According to girls in town, he so loved his wife that he does not mess around with other ladies.

I Really wanted to know who the lucky hoe was because her husband was a very fine looking man. Since Cidji was not at the club I quickly understood that Python wanted me to meet another man. I wished deep inside me that it was Cidji.
Just to prove his wife that he was nothing more than what she was proud of.

The Truth is that I was doing this job because of money. But what I wanted most was to settle down because that was not me.
In this life, at times we find ourselves involved in some things we know perfectly that under normal circumstances we won’t get involved or take part of it.
That was me.

So when I mate Champaign for the first time at that club, I felt in love with him. Deep love, true love. I did not care about Python. I started realising that he was so deep looking for money that he did not care about me.

Which man can allow his girlfriend he claimed to love, sleep around with other men. Acting like Python acted simply meant that I should move forward and forget about him.

So I felt in love with Champaign but did not get the same feelings back. He is a mess and crazy guy. I time I was wondering if he got heart. That made me took the decision to accept Python offers which was to kill C and take over his business. But seriously speaking, that was not the only reason.

I started my street hustle at the age of 14, seven years ago. My father left my mum and I for a very rich politician woman who was running for a governor seat in Nigeria. Don’t ask me of which state because I never knew what happened to him after he left us. He did not look after us from the time he left till today. My mum got into depression and was fired from her work.

She started moving around with drug dealers who introduced her to cocaine. That shit made her got to insanity and living in US with a crazy mother was not heaven. I grew up to depend on nobody except me.

My mum had mental illness and could no longer work. Her case became worst when I enter college. So I had to drop out of school to take care of us. In my hustling life I did everything I could to survive in this jungle life.

Few years later I was introduced to Python and since then we were doing deals together. I was his bitch and he was my man. Ever since then we’ve been dating and he promised to marry me. It’s been two years now.

He was a PIMP and did not really care if I was sleeping around with other men. As long as I was bringing money... he was cool. He used to tell me that I should give him time to settle his business down then by that time he will make me stop being a bitch. I believed him. I still did till a month ago when we received the new group of girls coming from The US.

Everything changed in this mansion the time this girl stepped in. Yes back to Chioma.

Python was on a new deal with one of his new friend kind of and wanted to collect money from him. So he put me in to act as a seductive girl. The plan was to go to the guy’s house as he was organising a big Christmas party. But we had to meet him at the club 5 going to his house.

“Eyo gee! How u doing?” Python asked while doing the man shake thing with Cidji.

“Same old thing... everything new. Ya know” Cidji responded. Cidji looked at me and nodded to greet me. I just smiled.

“yep. Got to meet him in 15 at the club then head to his crib.” Python explained.

“Perfect now your role his to join his team then report to me all movement and deals. Don’t forget in two weeks I have a party so come along with him.” Cidji instructed.

“Cool. We gotta go now.” They did his man shake thing once more. Then this time around Cidji opened his hand and gave me a side hug.

“Are you single? Are you taken? Working towards your education” know you better of Omarion ft Fabulous and Pusha T was blasting loud in the BLUZ HIGH club. We could have heard the sound as soon as we stepped into the club.

Python scanned the VIP area until he saw his friend. I saw him moving to that direction and followed him behind as usual. Once in the Vip room. I sat down a little bit far from Python and Champaign to give them some privacy.

I knew they had finish discussing when I noticed Champaign waving at me to come close to join Them.
He leaned down to my ear and said “will you be my main?” I was shocked and slightly turned my head to the side. I have not even started anything yet he came to me. How easy work...
“Main?” I barely spoke loud.
“ Just follow me” He said taking my hand letting me stand and lead the way out. We got to his car. He opened the door for me then I stumbled inside. He got in the car then started it and sped off to the place I later got to know was his apartment.

I was officially appointed to be his main on that very day. 24 months ago.

............... End of Flashback...........

Thinking of all the good time I had with him, I forgot totally I was sent here on a mission. In fact, I was no longer interested as I saw in Champaign the perfect man I have been looking for.

I thought I have come to the end of my hustle life as Champaign was giving me all I wanted. For the past 24 months I could now properly afford my mum hospital bills and she was doing better in the rehab. I stopped messing around with other men.

Now that my future was bright, a slot girl called Chioma wanted to take my place and spoiled all my plans! All that I have dreamt for will just go like that?!

No way. I am ready for her.

********* DREW’S POV *********

07 o’clock in the morning.

I cracked an eye open and saw the place beside me empty. I got out of the bed, pulled a pair of boxers and went off of my room in search of Chi. I was kind of feeling ole girl back again.

For the past couple of weeks now she was visiting my crib twice a week and sleeping over the night. One can never leg go a true woman you loved for the past two years just like that.

I had to admit and agree with myself that I still love her. I must confess she has been surprising me day by day. Especially for the fact that she was taking her studies and her sister’s serious. Chi was completely changed.

I was seeing another Chisom. She was beautiful, funny, goofy. She has made head game and there was some thing about that wanted me to give her another chance in our relationship. I wanted to give it a try and make it work.

I walked all throughout my house calling her name. When I never got an response I knew she left for her classes. I walked into my kitchen to drink some water and saw a note paste on my fridge. Then looked on the counter and noticed she cooked me some breakfast... again.

It became a routine that I was enjoying. I liked it. That was how I wanted my woman. The food was still hot so I dug into it while eating.

I brushed all my thoughts about Chisom aside and went up to prepare myself for the day. After showering and taking care of my hygiene; I dressed in my usual work attire.

A white round neck polo ralph Luxury and slacks; yeah I’m a kingpin but I am trying pull-out of that. I am getting in legit business now. If I plan to be serious with Chi I need to do legit.

I turned my security alarm on and hopped in my Maybach and drove to my first destination; one of my traps on the west side.. I had to make sure my money was matching up with my books; I am not a stupid nigga.

Once done there. I took off to my second destination.

Ice Prince,. Yeah [x3]
Ice Prince...
Ice Prince....
(Imma 'bout to explode [x6])
Brymo, Jesse Jags...
Ice Prince...Zamani..

Oleku, tell me something wey I no fit do,
Mi o gbopo gbopo gbopo malotuu,
Mo ni ni Mo ni ni, Odeji, Modeji
I hope you ready, Cos its oleku,
She feeling the boy, (She feeling [2x] the boy)

Okay, I'm so interesting,
Its why they say that I'm the next thing
So even on features I'm impressing
People do hate but I'm a flexing
Yeah, I learned the lesson
The doe mean shot, but I'm a chesting
I'm far from pop my pop is resting
My flow so bad my tongue is vexing,
No one is testing, I'm best by far is what im
guessing, 1 2 3 I win like wrestling,
How can I loose I'm with the best team..
Yeah, I'm the boy with the fire,
DJ's gimmie more spin than a tyre,
Seen it all, done it all sang in the
Feeling like I'm tenor here only go higher..Yeah!
Okay, its so exciting...
the game's been dull, but I'm igniting,
positive flow I'm so attracting,
whether freestyles or even writing..yeah
I put my life in, the bread don't cut, I put
the knife in, my left hand weak, I put the right in
And take my bars from J to Brighten, aah!
I see the lightning, I know sometimes the rain is
frightening, no matter how hard the seed is ripening
So when you hear Ice prince say hyping.....Yeah!
I don try plenty, I dey rap, I dey sing, I dey cum
M.C, its too many songs and I'm
never empty, now you
chop stone if you want tempt me.........aah..aah

Okay, I'm so contageous, and no one
done this good in ages
I put my foot in hell, courageous....
Too many verse like bible pages...Yeah
And I hit their playlist, so I can grow up from low
to apex, until my account is fat and shapeless
Too many songs but mine is latest...Yeah
So love or hate this, I'm getting my cake, I'm on the
cake list. Beating my chest I'm on the Ape list
You should be honoured and bow to greatness, Yeah...
see my name's getting famous, my team's fire men you
cannot flame us, na Baba God work, you cannot blame us
Its in vain when haters try 'n aim us....Yeaah!!

Oleku song was blasting in my Maybach. I was on my way to Duke house. Where we were supposed to meet for our last meeting to check out on last minutes plans before taking off.

But before that, I stopped by to pick Chisom up as it was he closing time from school. Yeah we’ve been back together kind of. Not that I have forgiven her for what she did, she still has long way to run to before gaining my trust back.

I needed her in the plan. She knew who Champaign’s main guy was and could make us get to them. I wonder where her pops and mum were. I thought they were secret agents.
Yeah I have run small investigation on Chibuike’s family and got to know Who Miyake was.

I never new I was messing with the daughter of one of the people on this hearth that wanted my head.
How come he has still not found his daughter? This nigga Champaign must be a big one in his field.

“Sweety talk to me” Chi said once she answered to my call after the first tome.

“Am at the gate” I simply notified. Immediately she came out. I was impressed with her new code of dress. She stopped wearing all those see-through expensive shit and tithe things. If I didn’t know her better, I would have take her for Ma’am her twin sister.

She popped in the car and I immediately sped off.

“Where your brothers at?” I asked eyeing her. Since they ve been here for almost three weeks now.

“Making arrangement to get Cidji back to HQ.” She said scrolling on her phone.

“HQ? Why doing it now?” I asked still looking straight at the road.

“My uncle called and gave the instruction to do so. As pops is still tourism round US, the TB have to do it” she explained.

“TB?” I ask confused. I was making sure she gives me as much info as possible.

“duh... The Twins Boys... TB” she said with an attitude.

“wassup nigga” I answered ignoring her attitude as Duke was hitting my line.

“We’re at the trap. Come over...”

“The fuck one you at?” I cut him off. He knows I got many and his dumb ass not giving specification.

“South side.” He said.

“Ok I’ll be there in 15” I said and ended the call.

“Boss!” one of my employee said greeting me at the door. He opened the door for me and I let Chi in first then followed her behind.

“you owned this too?” she asked admiring the building. “you never brought me here.

“you don’t even know half of what I own. You’re the one who run away with my money, no scratch that... some little change...” I said before opening the conf room where I knew the boys will be.

Chi did not say anything but I knew I vexed her.

“eyo! What’s she doing here meen?” Duke asked. He was surprise to see Chi as the rest of the band.

“Ya’ll know very well she knows Python and am sure she has seen Champaign once ... maybe could not remember.” I pointed looking at her.

“STILL!”Atheni “No wasting of time we have a flight tomorrow morning straight to Calabar.” He added.

“So what news?” I asked sitting down and pulling Chi close to me. I looked at her and back to Atheni.

“we got one of his guy.” He said handing me his ipad. I looked into the guy’s profile on Facebook and saw he had no children or loved ones. You know the kind of profile of thug fucking their lives out with dope and shit. So I decided to end the problem with a bullet if he does not give me the info I want.

“Good so where him at?” I asked. They all stood up and I followed them leaving Chi behind.

We entered into the dungeon where I saw the nigga tied down sitting on a chair.

I new him somewhere but never knew his name or his deals.

“what is his name?” I asked. “Bracket” Duke answered.

“how you doing Bracket?” i asked sitting down in of his face. I instructed Karlos to get a cloth to cover his body up. I did not want to look at another nigga’s dick the whole time we talked.

“I could be worse.” He said shrugging.

“Do you know why you are here?” I asked looking at him. I took off his cuffs that had him bound to the chair. Immediately the guys brought out their gun.

“Thanks and no I don’t know why am here.” Bracket said rubbing his wrist.

“Well, one of your guys took something that belong to me three weeks ago. Doing some invest we got to you.” I said observing his behaviour. He acted like he honestly did not know what I was talking about.

“well to be honest sir we don’t deal in your field. We’re pimp and not passers of blunt. So I don’t really know what you mean by we got what belongs to you.” He said without hesitation and doubt.

“who is Python?” Karlos came up.

“he is our connect” he replied.

“And Champaign?” Duke added.

“The Boss. We don’t meet or deal with him directly. We got to his place once a year when he does his big auction day in Africa. I cant even know the name of that city where he leaves. I just know it is in Nigeria” He explained.

“try remember how to get there..” i urged.

“well the last time I was there was last year. There was an auction day three weeks ago but the biggest one his always around December... in 08 months unless Boss decides otherwise. So how remember how to get there is very difficult I just remember the name of the city now as Calabar. That guy is well surrounded. He got security and connection everywhere.”

“ If I find out you’re lying to us... I will kill you.” I said giving him the opportunity to fess up.

“I know sir...”

“Call blackly to take him out of here.” I said through the interphone to one of my employee.

We got out of the room after blackly took Bracket out of our sight then went back to the conf.

“Time to go get ready. Meeting tomorrow at 3am. We’re flying on private.” I informed. I grabbed Chi’s hand then left.

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